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Process and Six Sigma Consultant

Purushottam Gururaj

Experience & Activities

With over 35 years of impactful leadership across Manufacturing and Service Sectors, Purushotham Gururaj stands as a beacon of excellence in process optimization and Six Sigma methodologies. As the Chief Business Strategist at P2P – Business Solution Providers, his mission is clear: to drive organizations towards unparalleled success.

P2P – Business Solution Providers: A Venture to Redefine Excellence

Established by seasoned Industry Professionals, P2P is more than a consultancy—it’s a commitment to ‘People 2 Profit’, ‘Policy 2 Perfection’, and ‘Pace 2 Progress’. Under Mr. Gururaj’s guidance, P2P aims to be the ‘One Pit Stop’ for all business needs, offering end-to-end solutions tailored to elevate your Business Quotient.

Empowering Organizations for Success

At P2P, Mr. Gururaj leads a team of seasoned Advisory Panelists, each bringing decades of industry wisdom. The focus is on empowering organizations through customized Technical and Training Support, creating a Talent Pool of dynamic intellectuals.

Driving Excellence Through Practical Knowledge Transfer

The ethos at P2P revolves around practical knowledge transfer, embodied in its two specialized verticals: Organization Excellence and Students Education Excellence. In Organization Excellence, the 2T model of Technical Quotient and Team Quotient leads to an enhanced Business Quotient Index, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

A Legacy of Transformative Leadership

Mr. Gururaj’s illustrious career showcases his ability to drive transformative change. As the General Manager at Essentra FZE Dubai, he established the site from blueprint to a thriving factory in a record 118 days. Revenue and profit saw a fourfold growth, earning the site the title of the Best Essentra Site in 2018.

Global Impact in Quality and Process

As the Global Head of Quality and Process at Essentra Filter Products, Singapore, Mr. Gururaj designed world-class Quality Systems, mentored over 90 Six Sigma projects, and established Essentra as a leader in quality across 13 sites worldwide.

Pioneering Innovation in Manufacturing

During his tenure as the Head of Manufacturing at ITC Filtrona Bangalore, Mr. Gururaj revolutionized the Indian Filter Market with eco-friendly filters and introduced innovative JIT concepts. His visionary leadership transformed operations, resulting in remarkable market share growth and numerous accolades.

A Visionary Leader with a Global Footprint

From Nairobi to Singapore, Mr. Gururaj has left an indelible mark on the global manufacturing landscape. His expertise in Lean Management, Quality Systems, and Process Optimization has garnered recognition and awards, making him a sought-after consultant and mentor.

Partner with Purushotham Gururaj

In his role as a Process and Six Sigma Consultant, Mr. Gururaj brings a wealth of experience, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Partner with him to drive your organization towards sustainable growth, operational excellence, and a future of limitless possibilities.